Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dish Washing & Baby Feeding

      Sometimes it is just worth it to carry around the camera.  The elusive husband has been caught!  He is so good to me, though some times he just has to act like a typical man.  ::eye roll::  The kids are just as fun to catch unaware.  

      We pray before we eat dinner, and we have been trying to teach Terra how to pray.  This is how she holds her hands.  :)  She's such an adorable girl!

           This group of pictures shows Autumn in her first feeding.  She is too interested in the spoon to eat, but she finally gets the idea.  Imagine where she put her fingers when she let go of the spoon.  Ready to learn?  She FLUNG it at me!  I ended up wearing more than she ate.

           Terra has even started helping with her share of the chores before her older brother Luke did.  She's putting away her own dishes.  She LOVES to help me in the kitchen.  Luke does too, but I think it's just so he doesn't get left out of licking the bowl.  :)  Terra REALLY likes to help me cook and clean the kitchen.  Now tell her she has to clean her room.  HA!  That's a laugh.  :)  That's still my job, according to her...

           I did catch her in the bathroom trying to give one of her dolls a bath.  Apparently, the baby was so nasty she had to use half of a bottle of shampoo to get it clean.  Yay for wasting!  Grrr....

     Terry is such a great dad.  Autumn is giving him problems though.  :)  He's lucky this wasn't one of her infamous diaper bombs.  GAG!  She literally blows out her diapers.  The day before yesterday, she was sitting in her bouncer and I saw she had some clay caked on her feet.  Both feet.  My thoughts were "she can't walk, so how did she get clay on her feet" and "There's nothing else around her that's like that."  It was crap (gross I know), but that's the life of a baby who's diapers don't match right with her.  I think I'm going to change from Pampers to Huggies.  If that doesn't work, I'll go to Luvs.  Every child has different bottom needs, and diapers fit differently.

       Every once in a while, we get to go out and eat with family in friends.  In this case, we got to eat at Apple Bees with Nana Dee (my mom).  See that big drink?  Don't worry, I didn't drink it all by myself.  Though I probably could have.  ;)  Autumn is in her car seat to my right.  The girls were very good, so Terra got to eat a Happy Meal from McDonald's.

       It's that time of day again:  nap time.

     Even Mom's need a pick-me-up once in a while.  Kids run us ragged!  Italian Roast is in this particular cup, and I LOVE it.  :)  Yumm....  If it wasn't so late, I would fix myself another cup.

       My mornings are welcomed by this sight.  As long as I get what is pictured above, I can handle what is pictured below.

      I cut my hair a couple weeks ago, and I asked Terry, my darling husband, to take a picture of me because I couldn't get a good shot, and I'm tired of seeing bathroom pictures.  It took him a minute to figure out where the "switch camera mode" button was and ended up taking a picture of himself.  <3

     Every once in a while, you'll get a great candid shot of a kid.  This particular shot was a mid turn.

       And with that, I say no matter where you are or who you are with, don't stop being yourself and pretend no one is watching you.

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