Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tooth Fairy!

Luke lost three teeth last week.  The two lower central incisors and one lower lateral incisor.


After the first lost tooth

The final incisor

After all teeth have been pulled.

Luke took my new camera for a test run one day.  He wasn't happy when Terra took over the photography.  ;)

Here it comes...

Getting the pouty face...


What a cutie pie Terra is!  <3

Where is Autumn in all of this?  Playing with my debit card, at Red Lobster.  ;)  She was having so much fun visiting, she wanted to pick up the bill.  With my card. HAHA!  Love that little girl.

This evening I took pictures of the chicks.  The kids insisted on helping, so here they are.  Luke is pictured with the Buff Orpington, and Terra is sitting by the Olive Egger.

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