Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The family

My family consists of my three children: Lucas or Luke age 5, Terra age 2, and Autumn age 3 months.  Autumn doesn't do much other than sleep, smile, pee/poop, and eat.  Terra is a handful and gets into anything and everything.  Luke likes to show off and (even though he is the oldest) is Terra's accomplice in crime.  My husband, Terry, often contributes to interesting conversations, and then there is me, Jennifer (alias Jenn or "That Woman").  Often times, my children should be getting in trouble, and I just cannot keep a straight face when it happens.  There are also interesting conversations that occur, and it is a situation that falls under one of those categories that will be explained and blogged.

Our family has several pets that have their own blog, but sometimes these interests overlap, and you may be reading twice if you follow them all.

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